Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What have you done that's fun?

What's something fun you've done with your kids this week or recently? Anything to do with FHE, preschool lessons, fun books you've read, crafts you've done, etc. Please share! And don't worry if it's not extravagant. The best things are the simple things.

I took my kids to the Tree House Museum with a friend. N loves that place, so I bought a membership. If you haven't been you'll have to give it a try. Kids love it so much! If you don't know much about it check out their website.

I'm excited to hear what you've done! I'm in desperate need of ideas! I've gotten a little lazy.

P.S.- Sorry for the lack of posts. The creative juices haven't exactly been flowing lately.


sharlee said...

I've been the absolutely most boring mom for a while now. I did play hide and seek with Jonah the other day which thrilled him to bits. So, I don't have anything to contribute at the moment but wanted you to know that I did read your post and am waiting for peoples' ideas.

Little Miracle said...

We took the kids for a walk on the Provo River Trail. It was Elli's first trip to Bridal Veil Falls. We used to walk the trail all the time when we lived in Orem, it's something I have really missed since our move. Bradley and Wayne had a blast throwing huge handfulls of leaves into the river. It was a lovely fall afternoon!

Little Miracle said...

I have a couple more ideas, go to and there are tons of crafts for Thanksgiving, and any other holiday.

I am also planning on making snowflakes with Bradley to hang up for Christmas. (I haven't done any of these yet, but they all sound fun.)