Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Morning Devotionals

Sorry for the long absence. My Internet hasn't worked very well, but I'm back and hopefully for awhile.

A couple of weeks ago I started having a morning devotional with my kids. We sing a song, read a scripture and thought from President Hinckley's book "Stand a Little Taller," and kneel down to pray. Then I give them a big hug and kiss. I want to do it every morning, but we've averaged about 4 times a week. I figure that's better than nothing.

I've really enjoyed it. At first N didn't want to be a part of it and was upset with me for making him sit for 5 minutes. But after only a couple of times he started to accept it as a way to start the day. It's turned into a great way for him to practice being reverent. Before we start each devotional I remind him how to sit reverently- on your bum (he tends to want to lay down or sit and stand constantly), quiet and listening with eyes and ears. He's already improved so much, and if I keep it up it will help him be better at church. I'm also using it to teach C how to sit on my lap without toys. She is still young, but I think she's old enough to learn to sit for at least 5-10 minutes at a time.

I've also really enjoyed our devotionals because it's made our days start on such a good note, and I think that's one reason N's more cooperative- he can feel the Spirit and it feels good. Even though it's only a few short minutes, it makes a big difference, and I love the opportunity to teach him the gospel. After I read the scripture and quote I briefly explain in words he understands what it's talking about. One day the topic was missionaries, and we had a very pleasant conversation about missionaries, missionary work, and how someday N will go on a mission like Daddy. Then we sang "I Hope They Call Me On a Mission." N seemed really excited, and I'm so glad we could have that talk. I know these devotionals will open a lot more conversations like that.

To get N involved in the devotional I usually ask him to choose the song we sing or I'll have him say the prayer. One day he wanted to read the scripture, so he got his paperback copy of the Book of Mormon and began "reading" from it. It was so cute! He just made up stuff about God and Jesus, most of which I couldn't understand. Then he wanted me to take a turn reading from my scriptures, which I did, except I really read them. We kept taking turns reading, and it was so fun. I loved it!

Another reason I like these devotionals is because they're not hard at all. They have required no preparation. They're easy and give me a great opportunity to teach my kids.

Have any of you done something similar? Have anything to add? I always want to hear!