Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I decided this year that I wanted the ornaments on our tree to be homemade, and I wanted most of them to be ornaments that I could make with N. So, I went to the craft store, got my supplies, and in less than a day N and I made these creations. I wasn't worried about how perfect they looked. I just wanted N and I to have some fun together. We haven't put our tree up yet (my hubby forbids it!), but I know N will be so excited to hang ornaments that he made.
Supply List:
Acrylic Craft Paint
Glitter Glue
Fun Foam
Craft Sticks
Red pom poms
Jute or ribbon
Scrap fabric
Googly eyes
Hot Glue Gun
Sticks gathered from yard
Fishing line
Wreath Instructions:
These are just unpainted wood ornaments you can buy at Michael's or any craft store. They were 99 cents a piece. They were pretty fast and easy to put together. It was cute to see N paint them. I think you can see which one is his (at least I hope you can!). It was good for him because he had to follow my instructions of only painting the bow red and the the rest green. He was so proud of himself.
1. Paint stick white front and back.
2. While drying, take your fun foam and cut out top hats. Glue on with glue gun when paint is dry.
3. Use the stick end of the paint brush to make eyes, mouth and buttons for snowman. Using brush end paint a carrot nose.
4. While drying, go outside and gather sticks. Your kids will love this part!
5. Break twigs to desired length and glue on. Let dry.
6. Tear small strips of fabric and tie on your snowman's neck.
7. Glue on a small loop of jute or ribbon behind the top hat for hanging.
Reindeer Instructions:
1. Paint front and back of stick brown. Let dry.
2. Glue on googly eyes and pom pom. Use stick end of paint brush for the mouth
3. Gather more sticks if needed. Break to desired length and glue on. Let dry
4. Rip more fabric for scarves. Tie on.
5. Glue a small loop of jute or ribbon for hanging.
Snowflake Instructions:
1. Paint 4 sticks per snowflake (I decided to paint mine blue) front and back (if desired). Let dry.
2. Using hot glue gun, make two crosses. Then glue the crosses together as in the picture. Let dry.
3. For the glitter, I just used white glitter glue. Make sure you let it dry.
4. Use fishing line for hanging or ribbon.
These ornaments were so good for young kids because the painting part was really easy. By the time we got to the detailed parts, N's attention span was done, so I did the finishing touches. These ornaments were also easy to mass produce because while one thing was drying, you could work on something else.
As we get closer to putting up the tree I have a couple other ornaments I want to make, and I also have some I want to save for next year. I think I will make this a tradition- make a new ornament with my kids. I had fun, and so did N. That's what it's all about!
Here's a list of some other great ornament ideas and instructions:
Do you have an ornament suggestion? Or what is something fun you like to do with your kids during the holidays?

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Jan and Cameron said...

Thos are so cute and Noah will be so excited when the tree is up. Make sure you post some pictures of the final product.