Monday, August 3, 2009

FHE Lesson

During fast & testimony meeting yesterday I could see by the look on Noah's face that he was a little confused why so many people were just getting up and talking. I quickly explained they were bearing their testimonies, and mostly out of curiosity as to what he'd say, I asked him if he'd like to bear his testimony. To my surprise he said yes. This from the kid who won't even stand up with the primary to sing in sacrament meeting. Luckily we had a few minutes to wait while other people bore their testimonies, so I explained things we talk about in a testimony. I hoped by doing this we could avoid an embarrassing situation by him talking into the microphone about a bug he killed or something.

When it was finally our turn to go up and we made it all the way to the stand, he got cold feet. Surprise, surprise. At least it forced me to share my testimony, which is always a good thing. On our way back to our seat, he had decided he DID want to do it, but I wasn't going back up just so he could change his mind again. I told him he'd have another chance to do it when we have another one of these special meetings.

The reason I share this little experience is because it was my inspiration for our FHE lesson tonight. Can you guess what it was on? Yep. Testimonies. Here's what we did:

  • Started with a prayer, of course, but we forgot a hymn (it was planned last minute)
  • I reminded Noah about church yesterday and how people were getting up to bear their testimonies.
  • Dad told us what a testimony is: the witness you have that something is true
  • The Holy Ghost whispers to our hearts if something is true. (By the way, kudos to his primary teachers! He knew that the Holy Ghost doesn't have a body. I'm pretty sure I've never taught him that, although I really shouldn't admit it.)
  • Read the following the scriptures: Ether 4:11 & Moroni 10:4-5
  • Asked Noah "What are some things we bear our testimonies about?" Then I told him: Jesus, the atonement, Joseph Smith, Pres. Monson, etc.
  • Then we had our own little family testimony meeting. I started, then Dad, and Noah ended it. Noah didn't really know what he was doing, but he had the right idea.
  • The Spirit was so strong, and we made sure to point out to Noah the feeling he felt was the Holy Ghost telling him the things we said were true.
  • ended with a prayer

It was a very nice FHE. It was very short (that's always best with little kids), but the sweetest Spirit filled our home. I know Noah could feel it because of the how reverent he was as we all bore our testimonies. I think it was one of the nicest FHEs we've ever had.

Tip #1: One thing I've learned when teaching young kids is less is more. I try not to get too wordy or his attention will be out the window.

Tip #2: When reading scriptures, don't just read it and be done. Explain what words mean as you read. For instance, the scripture in Moroni says to "ask God." I asked Noah what that means, then explained that it means to pray.

Feel free to add your own suggestions to this little FHE Lesson.

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