Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dad to the Rescue

Aren't Dads the greatest? The list of things that Moms do everyday is at least a mile long, but there are some things that only Dad can do.

The past week or so I had been having the toughest time with Noah. My sweet little boy was M.I.A, and I was desperate for his return. But nothing I could say or do would bring him back. That's when I called on Dad for some help. After Dad heard about the grief Noah was causing me, he called for Noah and they had a talk.

Dad explained how Noah's behavior was not okay and that it was making his Mom sad. He challenged Noah to go through the whole day without whining and throwing a fit when Mom asked him to do something. He told Noah that he knew he could do it because of what a good boy he is. At the end of their little talk Noah promised he would be better and not whine and throw fits for the day.

It worked! My sweet little boy returned, and I can't believe the difference it made! It was so much easier for me to be happy and patient when my five year old wasn't acting like a two year old anymore, and it was so much easier to love him. The effects haven't worn off either! He's been fabulous for two days in a row, and I don't see the trend ending any time soon because of how proud of himself he is. Yesterday he was very anxious for his Dad to get home so he could tell him how good he was. He's also earned a lot more fish points (someday I'll explain what those are).

It's all thanks to Dad! What would I do without you?!

Love you!


Kim said...

That's great, Marianne! I can't imagine doing it alone. Thank heavens for our great husbands!

Sharlee said...

Awesome. Is he still going strong? I hope so.