Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Book Review

Since Wednesday is Recipe Day and Thursday is Activity Day, I thought I'd continue on and make Friday Book Review Day.
Today's is Good-night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins. This is the cutest book! It's about an owl trying to sleep in a noisy tree. His nap keeps getting interrupted by all the different varieties of birds and other animals:bees, squirrels, jays, crows, cuckoos, doves, and more. It gets so loud that sleep is impossible. Finally night time arrives and the birds are finally quiet because they're sleeping, but the nocturnal owl gives them a taste of their own medicine.
This book is fun because it talks about the different sounds that birds make. Kids also think it's funny at the end when Owl wakes all the birds up. Kids also learn about nocturnal animals. I also like the book because of the beautiful pictures. Your kids will love this book. Each time I read it, N makes a request for a second or third reading.
Do you have any favorite books that talk about animal sounds? Please share!

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