Monday, March 2, 2009

Book Recommendation

My book recommendation today is:
Mole Music by David McPhail
My sister showed this book to me, and I loved it immediately- so much so that I just had to buy it for my own library. It's about a mole who feels like there's something missing in his life. Every day he digs tunnels and watches the television at night. One day he hears a man playing the violin on the T.V. and decides to order a violin and learn to play. After years of practicing he becomes better than the man on T.V. and imagines playing for large audiences and wonders how his music might affect them. He laughs at this idea, but little does he know the impact his music has on the world above.
This is a sweet story all about the power in music. It can change people's lives. This is a must for your library!

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Kim said...

It's such a cute book, isn't it. I'm glad you put it on here.