Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Sunbeam/Nursery Manual

This post is a postscript to my last post. I mentioned how the Sunbeam Manual is too mature for three year olds and how it doesn't even include a lesson on reverence. Well, I was on the church website today and found that they've come out with a new manual, so I decided to check it out. I skimmed through the list of lessons, and, low and behold, there was a lesson on reverence. I clicked on it and up popped the whole lesson. It was simple, short, and to the point. Yeah!! I've been wanting them to improve that manual since before I had kids. We were nursery leaders when we were very first married, so we learned that lessons for little kids should only last a few minutes and be very engaging. I'm very excited about this new manual. I think it will be a great teaching help for church and home. Go check it out!,4945,8184-1-4470-1,00.html


Rachy Maree said...

I love the new nursery manual. I bought it and make copies of the coloring pages regularly. I, too, have been trying to figure out how to help my children learn about the scriptures and the gospel, and how to be more reverant at church. I bought the GAK and LOVE using a few pictures at a time- I am amazed how much our little guy picks up on and what he remembers.

Usually we try to do singing time at least once a day. I have been trying to familiarize them with the primary songs. Plus, It is fun for me to learn new songs. I can't believe how many primary songs I never knew.

Another idea I got from a friend was to use the "Scripture Stories" books- they are only like $6 each (there are 4) and just this week they became available online- so you don't have to buy them. They are wonderful. Lots of pictures and summaries with scripture references.

I know I am writing a lot, but this is something I have been focusing on lately, so I have lots to share. :)

My last suggestion is doing kids yoga. If you want I could write up a post about it. I used to teach yoga and was able to do a little trianing in teaching kids yoga. It is SO much fun. The kids get to be creative and pretend to be different animals and plants, etc. You alter and change the names of some poses so they are fun for kids. Let me know if you want me to write up our regular routine. It helps with the reverence because you get their wiggles out but teach them to hold still for each pose and then when you do "sleeping pose" (dead man's pose) at the end you teach them, over time, to sit still for longer and longer. The breathing helps too. It takes patience but it has been wonderful to see them try to hold still. And they love some of the poses. :)

Thanks for doing this blog, Marianne. You are wonderful and so sweet.

Rachy Maree said...
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Rachy Maree said...

Sorry I can't get the link for the Scripture Stories to show. Just go to and for now it is on the main page. The church website is wonderful they also have printable coloring pages and ideas in the Primary section.

Andrea said...

I know I, for one, would like to know more about kids yoga. Maybe I could get behind something like that...Maybe I could DO something like that myself, as the real thing is far too hard. Good ideas everyone!